Entry Alert - Buy Opportunity

Altcoin at Support

After giving everyone a breakdown earlier on another altcoin of interest $FIO (which you can find over on Bitmax ) - we want to go ahead and give another update on an altcoin that we’ve been waiting to pullback.

NOIA - 1 hr chart above

NOIA -4 Hr Chart above- Click here to view on Tradingview

NOIA Network (NOIA) - is an altcoin that we wanted to share but it recently took from around $0.045 and did a 2x. Luckily, NOIA is pulling back right now to a solid support of trendline and horizontal.

NOIA has very strong fundamentals and it’s grabbing the attention of some bigger names around crypto. I’ll post the fundamental explanation below, but for those of you who just want price…

Entry Price:
Current support all the way down to $0.055

Exit Price:
Soon to be in price discovery and we don’t plan to sell this asset until at least another 2x from the current price. Taking profits over $0.10 but still plan to continue to hold some long term as fundamentals point to long term potential gains.

(Remember to set stop loss below in case Bitcoin dumps)

The only place you’ll be able to find NOIA Network is Kucoin.

If you’d like to create an account to Kucoin you can click here

We recommend you creating an account on Kucoin as it has most of the solid small and medium cap assets that are booming right now. You can use our referral above or go to the website.

As far as the fundamentals NOIA network:

NOIA is a NaaS -Network as a Service - Programmable Internet software solution for the public routing system. They are pioneering Segment Routing srv6 in combination with blockchain....a unique solution. Cisco and Huawei are also researching this tech but with a different approach as NOIA.

NOIA has created a platform to offer encrypted, low-latency networking to businesses. They combine Segment-routing with IPv6 (SRv6) across Software Defined Networks (SDN). They utilize a patent-pending Distributed Autonomous Routing Protocol (DARP) to determine the path with least latency and congestion to route network packets within the private VPN established between each node within the internal network. The worst case route will be to follow the standard Internet routing protocol known as Border Gateway Protocol.

They say they have already 12 big companies under the NDA. Their platform is in beta stage. … so very exciting!

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