Nice Gains - Be Proud!

Hey Everyone,

It’s been a good last few days with the profitable returns from the charts that we’ve listed here on insights.

The three main assets that we’ve discussed:

1. REP - over 24% gains (or more depending on your entry)

2. NOIA - over 65 % gains

3. FIO - over 36% gains (and we expect more to come soon)

Some of you got better entries if you got in when we shared the updates - especially for any member who’s premium Insights who gets all the updates.

If you’re on the free Insights plan we’re happy to have you and to support you but know for only $9.95 a month you can get every update and in my honest opinion, it’s flat out worth the few dollars you spend a month to get in on these breakout trades.

So check it out, because another update is coming soon!

Let’s look below really quick as we continue to look at these three assets


REP is prime to break over $25 and once it does it will likely have a lot of room to run up over $30. We’re going to continue to stay in this asset for the time being and hopefully gain another 40 to 50% as V2 for Augur comes out in a week and the hype should continue.


NOIA has been on fire and every dip has been bought as this trendline continues to grind up - very soon NOIA will be in price discovery and we feel that NOIA is a long term hold that we’d kick ourselves for selling six months from now.

Lots of NDA partnerships with companies yet to be disclosed and if you got in anywhere between $0.04 to $0.06 - solid entry and feel free to take profit as needed but we will personally be holding onto this for at least the next few months and re-evaluate from there when we know more.


FIO Protocol- We were actually mocked for discussing FIO as people were calling it a pump and dump. Well, little did they know that a major investor in FIO is Binance. You can see the story here.

But FIO has only been listed for two weeks and the price has taken off after an initial sell-off by early investors. FIO has compressed and is now pushing above $0.18.

FIO protocol is only on Bitmax and if you want to use our link to put in some limit orders but overall Bitmax is an exchange that has been listing really quality projects and we only recommend it for small and mid cap altcoins - nothing else.

But as other people neglect using the platform, everyone here on Insights can take advantage and jump into these altcoins before they pump much like we did with FIO.

We plan to hold to FIO longer as we believe it can 2x with its link with Binance. Bitmax is the only exchange trading it and we feel as that opens the door for Binance which would certainly get the hype going for this altcoin. But do take profits with limit orders (books can be thin on this one)

We’ll be back soon with more updates!

If you’re on premium Insights, be on the lookout and we hope that everyone here is having a great week with trading!

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